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Marriage Problems Related Issues

In the world of 21st-century, people are fighting with the problems of marriage. Many cases of divorce are coming forward. Both the husband and the wife are not able to save their marriage life and finally they come to an end of breaking it.

Marriage relationship problems

• Communication: the basic start of marriage problem is communication. With the lack of communication between the couples, they were unhappy with each other. Most of the time the main culprit behind this are the men. They stop communicating with their wives once they have started watching TV. They become so busy in watching, especially sports channel, and so that they even don’t hear anything their wife are telling them.

• Sex: every couple who love each other can mismatch sexually and so in the case of marriage. Sex brings up both husband and wife closer and is very helpful for our body to be physically and mentally fit. And keeps you and your relationship healthy. This problem arises due to the lack of sexual self-awareness. There might happen if one person wants to have sex, but the other is tired and want rest. So this can bring distance in their relationship.

• Money: money problem starts even before the wedding vows are exchanged. There might be problematic regarding the high cost of marriage. Money problem is a basic problem among married couples. Mainly wife wants to spend lots of money on shopping. But the husband is not permitted her to spend his money on the useless thing according to him.

• Struggles over housework: many couples are debating on which work they should assign for themselves. As the husband goes out to work in the office and don’t want to do any work at home. Wives are very disappointed by this as not doing work does not mean they don’t even put their clothes, shoes and bag in their respective place. Wife wants their husband to take part in doing work, not a heavy work but help them a little bit in their work.

• Trust: trust is the key of one’s relationship. No relationship can run without trust between them.

Try to solve the relationship problems if it grows, then it led to separation and you need marriage counselling. Below mentioned are some of the Solutions to all above problems.

• For dealing with communication problems, you should make a strategy to hear each other. And a husband must be attentive to the wives call. Don’t raise your voice in saying something; it will have a bad impression outside among your neighbors. The Husband must reply and take an interest in their wife while watching TV.

• Sex-related problem: plan you sex, but it is not necessary at night only you might be tired of doing different work in a day. You should do it at any free time when you want to do. This changing schedule must keep your sexual experience interesting.

• Money problem can only be solved by deciding their budget by both of them.

• Trust can be developed between the couple by adopting following ways: Be consistent, be on time, fair in any argument, don’t be jealous and be a good listener.